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Introducing Silicon Valley Patent Attorney Henry Groth

Recorded June 2017. Chris Maiorana interviewed by Steve Sleeper.

When we first started working on these Patent Pod Chat series of interviews, I was surprised that most of your clients are in Silicon Valley. You're located in Michigan, so how did you get that client base out there?

Chris: It's an interesting history. One of the partners I worked with a long time ago had connections with some Silicon Valley clients. He had some good clients out there that I worked with and we ended up working with those clients directly later on. After that, we continued to get referrals. There was the tech crash of 2000 when things blew apart. The big companies that got blown apart ended up as good sized companies and smaller companies started as well. We knew lots of people and they called us from their new companies because they needed a Patent Attorney in Silicon Valley.

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If your existing clients are going to refer new business to you, that means you must do a good job, and they like you, huh?

Chris: Well, we do our best and we put the client first. That's something you hear in business a lot, but we really try to go the extra mile. There's a constant battle to improve your skill set and the tools you use. It's never-ending. You may not use everything you try all the time, but you find new solutions that solve problems. That's all part of the philosophy.

You've got a new Patent Lawyer in Silicon Valley, Henry Groth. I noticed there are lots of articles on your website written by Henry. How did you end up getting associated with him?

Chris: Part of the story of how we initially got referrals was Cypress Semiconductor. They got sued by another company. LSI Logic and Cypress got sued by a notorious Patent Troll - Lemelson. He sued all of the different industries, and when he hit the semiconductor industry, he sued both of those companies, and our cards got passed around. So then we picked up LSI as a client. Henry joined LSI later as one of the in-house attorneys. A company called Avago ended up buying LSI (the lineage of Avago goes back to the Bell Labs days). That’s kind of cool!

I've read some of Henry's background. Looks like he has an impressive education.

Chris: Yeah, it really is impressive. He has multiple advanced degrees, including a law degree, and a graduate degree in materials science. Henry has done not just patent prosecution, but a lot of licensing issues as well.

He's a good resource to have where you get a lot of your business. Is he available to meet Silicon Valley clients in person?

Chris: Absolutely. Now we have more of a direct presence there. I travel out there a couple times of year, and we do a lot of phone conferencing of course, but to have someone there all the time is great

You do a lot of support services and don’t charge for them to make things easier and streamlined. Does Henry provide more complimentary support services that you normally don't provide?

Chris: Yeah, I think so. When a client gets to a certain size, they'll end up hiring an in-house attorney who will wear a lot of hats. One of the hats is working with us on the patent part of the operation. Henry can act as your general counsel and be the go-to guy to ask about anything. If it's something that's not directly related to patent issues, it could be corporate formation, or mergers and acquisitions and issues like that. If he can't do it directly, he can work as the interface to get you set up with a good outfit.

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  • June 2017
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