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Recorded August 2017. Henry Groth interviewed by Steve Sleeper.

When did Maiorana PC open up its office in Silicon Valley?

Henry: We opened the office May 2017. We did so to better serve our clients in Silicon Valley as our firm has many semi-conductor clients located in there. Given our vast patent prosecution experience, superb service, and affordability, we anticipate many more Silicon Valley clients will look at us more closely now as we are Flat Fee Patent Lawyers Silicon Valley

Where's the Silicon Valley office located?

Henry: For those who are familiar with the Silicon Valley, we are located in the Golden Triangle region of North San Jose on Zanker Road, near Montague Expressway. For those who aren't quite as familiar with the area, the Golden Triangle region is an area that's bound by Highway's 237, 101, and Interstate 880, which are all major freeways in Silicon Valley. The Golden Triangle includes parts of San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and Milpitas.

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Why did the firm choose that location?

Henry: We chose this location to be close to a number of large prospective clients who participate in technology markets that align with our patenting experience. (We also look for smaller clients as well.) Our research shows this particular area has a number of these types of clients. For example, Cisco was just about a mile away from our new office.

Also, according to a firm called TechAmerica, there are more than 460 tech companies in North San Jose. There are many more perspective clients within a few miles of our office and multiples of that within 10 miles or so of the office. A lot of prospects to work with.1

How long have you been in Silicon Valley?

Henry: I've been here for almost 40 years. I came to Menlo Park late August of 1977. Just to give you some perspective about what was going on 40 years ago in the valley; Atari had just introduced its 2600 Video Game Console that was based on the Mos 6502 processor, which was groundbreaking at the time and much less expensive than the competitors from Intel and others. Also in 1977, a man named Larry Ellison started a company called Software Development Laboratories, which is now Oracle.

Where are you originally from?

Henry: I'm originally from a small suburban village called Ardsley. It's got a deep family history for me as my father was born there in 1930. It's about 10 miles north of Central Park in Manhattan and has fantastic schools. Unfortunately for the folks that live there, those fantastic schools come with ridiculous property taxes that are used to fund the schools. It's a mixed blessing. One of the most famous students from the Ardsley School District is a guy named Mark Zuckerberg, who I think you may have heard of before.

Indeed. What was the motivation for your move out west?

Henry: I came out west to go to graduate school. I had gone to SUNY at Stony Brook in Long Island for my undergraduate degree in engineering science and started graduate school at Stamford and majored in material science and engineering. The material science program gave me an opportunity to study semi-conductors, super-conductors, composite materials, and a host of other engineering materials that are used for a broad range of industries. Another motivation was to get out of the New York weather and enjoy Northern California's amazingly pleasant year-round weather.

Your undergrad degree is in engineering. Did you work as an engineer before becoming an attorney?

Henry: You bet. I worked for quite a while as an engineer. It is typical for patent attorneys to work in technology before they become patent professionals. I started my work out here at United Technologies and also worked at Lockheed Martin. At United Technologies, I worked as a quality control engineer in their chemical systems division. They make solid-propellant rocket motors down in a part of San Jose called Coyote. Most of the work was related to the manufacturing, assembly, and testing of those solid-propellant rocket motors.

On the engineering side, the bulk of my engineering career was at Lockheed Martin, where I worked in the missiles and space company in Sunnyvale on microelectronics, carbon-carbon composites, hybrid electronics, circuit boards, electronics assembly, and other materials of process technologies related to missile and space development. I also worked as an environmental engineer at Lockheed Martin for a few years.

Moving on to my legal career prior to working with MaioranaPC, I worked at a bunch of companies as in-house corporate counsel. I transitioned from engineering to the patent group at Lockheed Martin. I also worked at Quantum, which was a hard disc drive manufacturer that ended up selling off it's hard discover drive division before I left. I also worked at Siemens Medical Systems and LSI and had a lot of experience at each one of those. In 2014, LSI was acquired by Avago for about $6.6 billion dollars. Subsequently, Avago also bought Broadcom and now they're looking to buyout Brocade and they changed their name from Avago to Broadcom.

During my first three years at LSI, from about 2004 to 2007, I performed a wide range of activities as an intellectual property counsel. Those activities included managing patent portfolios for LSI's consumer division, which included integrated circuits for DVD recording and other video applications, which was a lot of fun. Also, I worked on IC and assembly level packaging technologies and electronic design automation technologies, which are referred to as EDA.

The other key event that changed my career at LSI was when they purchased Agear back in 2007 for about $3.5 billion. I'm not sure people are familiar with Agear anymore since they got acquired in 2007 and have been out of existence for 10 years. They spun off from Lucent, which spun off from AT&T. Back in the day, AT&T was a regulated monopoly and the Justice Department said they had to license their technologies as a consequence of not wanting those technologies hung up with one company.

Because of that dictate from the Federal Government, all these divisions of AT&T developed fantastic licensing programs. I transitioned from being the in-house patent counsel, working on patent portfolio management, to doing licensing. That was a great experience for me. It really broadened what I can offer as an attorney at MaioranaPC. I really want to be the Best Patent Application Lawyer Silicon Valley

Were you with LSI before you came to work for MaioranaPC?

Henry: You bet. That was my last job before I came to Maiorana. Prior to that, I had worked at Siemens and I worked on both ultrasound imaging and OLED patents. At Quantum, it was hard disc drives. At Lockheed Martin there was an amazing array of technologies I was exposed to. An interesting one was an autonomous star tracker. That was back around 1998 and is still being cited as prior art today. Lockheed's technologies have a lot of staying power.

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  • August 2017
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