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Are You An Entrepreneur That Needs A Patent Lawyer in Silicon Valley?

If you reached this page, then you have the entrepreneurial spirit. You have a desire to innovate, or some sort of invention or enterprise that you are interested in protecting. You share many of the common traits of Edison, Tesla, and our founding fathers. You also share many of the attributes of Maiorana, P.C.

Our law firm is literally a start-up, in the business of helping start-ups. We have both a long history of successful implementation of patent strategies, as well as the ability to withstand multiple catastrophic economic events. We managed to withstand the tech crash of the early 2000s, the financial crash of the late 2000s, and mergers and acquisitions craze of the 2010s. For details of our history, click here. We can share our experience in survival and innovation with you - our fellow entrepreneur. We operate differently than a large law firm, discussed here. We take great pride in our ability to help our clients. While the road may be difficult, things that are difficult are often the most valuable.

Do you have an invention that deserves patent protection? Are you interested in working with a team that has been protecting inventions for more than 20 years? Perhaps you would prefer to work with attorneys who have in-house corporate experience, including patent licensing negotiations with Fortune 500 public companies.

We are ready to work with you to protect your valuable assets. Call 408-890-6549 to book an appointment to discuss your patent issues with one of our Silicon Valley Patent attorneys.

Maiorana, P.C. has provided superb patent legal services to its clients since 1998. Much of our work focuses on computer and semiconductor patent applications for Silicon Valley based companies. To provide greater responsiveness to our Silicon Valley and Bay Area clients we recently added a San Jose office. We chose San Jose as the location for our second office because of the large number of clients located in or near San Jose who we believe can benefit greatly from our services.

Filing a patent isn't easy. There are many pitfalls and roadblocks. We can get your patent filed quickly and our vast experience will ensure that your invention has a great chance of becoming patented.

Our San Jose office ensures that our clients will be able to schedule in-person meetings with our attorneys related to: patent application preparation (both provisional and non-provisional), patent prosecution, invention disclosure evaluations, brainstorming sessions, foreign filing determinations, licensing opportunities and strategies, opinion letters (invalidity and non-infringement), patent litigation support and many other intellectual property issues related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and contractual matters - including indemnification obligations, licensing rights, and confidentiality obligations.

Talk to one of our Patent Attorneys about applying for a patent as soon as you can. We can provide advice regarding how to limit disclosure of your idea until a patent is filed, help you apply for a patent, and help you to enforce your patents rights.

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  • June 2017 (Updated June 2019)
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