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We specialize in Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights and have successfully prosecuted over 2,200 US patents. If you or your company need advice on Intellectual Property matters, we can help. Both corporate and individual inventors benefit from our experience in the patent application process. We can provide a variety of post-grant services, such as patent legal opinions, infringement analysis and licensing.

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Maiorana, P.C. is a small yet efficient patent law firm specializing in patent prosecution. We currently rank 187th in productivity of all law firms in the United States (according to Intellectual Property Today magazine). While a large majority of our work focuses on computer and semiconductor patent applications for silicon valley based companies, we also cater to the needs of smaller inventive entities as well as to the needs of solo inventors. Since we are a small firm and have minimal administrative overhead, we can quickly respond to the needs and concerns of our clients.

Throughout the 20+ year history of the firm our responsive operation has shown the capability of shifting our attention to various new projects depending on the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves in having a thorough understanding of electrical and computer engineering. Not only do we have an overall expertise in the prosecution of electrical patent applications, but we also have the ability to shift attention to new areas relatively quickly.

Our approach to obtaining high quality patents minimizes interactions with the US Patent Office and is typically more efficient and cost effective than most patent law firms. We use a multi-peer review technique that allows a collaboration between our patent attorneys to explore alternate approaches unique to each file. Since each patent application is reviewed at the US Patent Office by an individual Examiner, a technique that may be useful for one case may not be as useful for another case. As a result of our small size, we can implement this multi-peer review without any additional overhead to our clients.

Approximately 70% of the cases we write are allowed after only one or two responses to US Patent Office rejections. By ultimately getting cases allowed with fewer responses, the overall invoiced amount needed to go from a disclosure to an issued patent is significantly less than other patent law firms. We typically offer flat-rate fees for work done. This arrangement offers predictability to our clients. Our process gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate each case before incurring any further costs. In addition, you will not receive any unexpected bills from our firm.

Our broad expertise and knowledge covers areas such as computers, wired/wireless/optical networks, software, artificial intelligence, semiconductor fabrication, satellite navigation, SoCs, microwave frequency circuitry, bio-electronics, electro-optics, embedded testing, cryptography, solid-state drives, digital video, Internet of Things (IoT), social network user matching, Software as a Service (SaaS), and augmented reality.

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25+ years prosecution experience; 20+ years managing solo practice; 15+ years managing property company

Chris received his B.S. degree in 1991 from Lawrence Technological University in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in digital and analog hardware design. The LTU motto of "Theory and Practice" is embedded in the management style of the firm. Prior to his legal career, Chris maintained a successful computer consulting business where he provided tailored hardware and software solutions for the individual needs of small businesses including law firms, publishing companies and designers. Chris began preparing patent applications in the electrical arts including analog, digital/analog hybrid, microprocessor controlled and discrete digital logic circuits as an undergraduate. Chris worked with several patent law firms during his studies at the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University, where he received his Juris Doctor. Chris is admitted to practice law as an attorney in the State of Michigan and as a patent attorney before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Chris' hands-on experience combined with his formal legal and technical training enables him to have a unique insight in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications relating to digital architectures, semi-conductor fabrication, memories, solid-state drives, digital video, sensor networks, timing devices and other circuits involved in the manufacturing of computer components.

Chris is the named inventor for U.S. Patent numbers 7,663,039; 7,956,262; 8,115,644; and 8,207,433. More info on Chris.

19+ years prosecution experience

Bob received his B.S. degree with distinction in 1982 from Wayne State University in Electrical Engineering. As an undergraduate, he worked in plant engineering, designing conveyor control circuits. Starting in 1982, Bob managed the Computer and Electronics Module at Wayne State University School of Medicine where he provided custom hardware and software support for individual researchers including design and implementation of digital and analog circuits using discrete and integrated components. While working at the medical school, Bob studied at Wayne State University Law School, where he received his Juris Doctor cum laude in 1998. Bob became a member of the firm in 1999. Bob is admitted to practice law in the State of Michigan, before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Bob utilizes his experience combined with his formal legal and technical education in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the electrical and electronic arts including computers, wired, wireless and optical networks, software, semiconductor fabrication, satellite navigation, bio-electronics, electro-optics, solid-state drives, and digital video.


Prosecuted over 2,200 US patents to issue

Won an Interference proceeding against a top lawfirm

Issued patent statistics (patents issued per patent attorney) comparable to the top firms as listed in Intellectual Property Today magazine

Productivity in the top 15% on a per attorney basis for issued patents

Above average allowance rate after one response to the US Patent Office

Smaller size allows for lower overhead

Location in the Mid-West allows our costs to be competitive

Prosecuted fundamental video patents included in the H.264 Advanced Video Coding Standard.

Prosecuted several influential patents that survived litigation

Our firm has kept up on changes in Patent Office procedure by:

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Our offices are located in St. Clair Shores Michigan, just a few minutes north of Detroit. We are conveniently located near I-94 and I-696, making us a short drive away for innovators in the metro Detroit area.

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Our office is only blocks away from the shops and restaurants of "The Nautical Mile" in the marina district of St. Clair Shores. Several major freeways provide easy access to our location.

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