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Over the years we have been doing more and more adversarial type cases. It has been our experience that there are good attorneys and bad attorneys. Another flavor of that is that we have seen some highly efficient attorneys, and some not so efficient attorneys. Since there are so few attorneys working in the Patent Interference field, those attorneys tend to be inefficient. It is our goal to provide support in Interference proceedings to corporate or individual clients that is significantly below the gold plated prices that other law firms charge.

To accomplish this goal, the first thing we are concerned about is to be on the correct side of your Patent Interference issue when representing you at the USPTO. We don't want to be trying to obfuscate the issues in order to achieve success. We want to be the side that really should win the case. Once that is in place, then we can greatly reduce the costs, by avoiding the "scorched earth" type of approach. One attorney in an adversarial case came right out and said that he pursued "every available option", even if he was fairly certain that it would not work. His theory was that you never know what might "stick". Our approach is a bit different. In the Interference proceeding scenario, there is a lot of work to be done. But there is also a lot of things that can be studied and addressed in a cost efficient manner in an effort to save costs.

We really would like to hear from you on your Patent Interference issues. If you have a good case, and are reasonably certain you an develop the documentation needed, we should be able to do a quality and cost effective job in representing you on your Interference Proceeding issues.

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