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Patent Success Rate

What does efficiency do for the bottom line?

We have held out that our overall efficiency rate for obtaining a patent with only one response it around 70%. This was an estimate. We recently did a more detailed break down of a few groups of files.

For one client, we have 112 issued patents. Of those, 86 were allowed after either one response, or without any responses. This is an average of 76.79%, which is well above industry standards. In a recent Patent Office survey, the similar rate was slightly under 60%. That is trending up from about 50% five years ago. In the same five year overlap, we were at 76.79%. This is statistically significant. This is based on a lifetime of refining our skills in this craft. A practice based on constantly looking for and refining best practices.

Also, three of the cases that were in the 21 cases that needed two or more responses were started by another law firm. The old law firm took a shot or two, but did not get them allowed. Then we needed to do a few more responses. This was expensive for the client. The moral of that story is that if you set up a patent application properly in the first place, your success rate is much higher. With a higher success rate, the ultimate costs to a client are much lower. This is bad for our billing as a lawfirm, but good for our clients.

Please take this into consideration in selecting your Intellectual Property Lawfirm.

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  • Chris Maiorana
  • June 2021
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