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What Does Maiorana PC Offer Silicon Valley Tech Companies?

We offer the full gamut of patent acquisition and enforcement services short of litigation. That's typical for boutique patent firms and chip technology patent lawyers San Jose CA. We also provide copyright, trademark, and trade secret counseling. But since I've been added to the firm, there are some other services we can offer that a lot of patent boutique firms can't do effectively. Most of those would be related to monetization of patents. With my licensing experience generating revenue for LSI, I can help smaller firms, and even larger firms monetize their patents in a number of different ways. We can also provide services normally conducted by corporate counsel related to patent portfolio management, mergers and acquisition due diligence and intellectual property contractual matters.

The one thing I've noticed about Maiorana, P.C. is its great ability to work with individual inventors. The firm has developed a fine-tuned process for conducting initial consultations with individual inventors that clarify many key issues and focus the client on how to best protect their invention in view of their business objectives.

What makes Silicon Valley so effective for new technology ventures?

We have a high concentration of extremely skilled folks both in technical, financial, legal, and management activities. There are folks who have studied Silicon Valley extensively and they point to a couple of things: first to market with new products and ability to adapt to crises and change quickly. That’s due to Silicon Valley's decentralized structure; the ability of people to go from company to company very quickly. Also, Silicon Valley companies can do initial development, productize and have global reach. It's a pretty amazing place to be.

Why should a Silicon Valley tech company come to Maiorana, P.C.?

Because of all the capabilities. Chris has done a marvelous job of documenting our procedures in his many blogs (discussed here) on our website. Then, with the initial consultation, he talks about why you should conduct a search of the prior art and should you prepare a provisional patent application or a non-provisional patent application. He's done an excellent job and it’s very helpful for individual inventors.

We provide excellent customer service and our home office is in the Midwest, so we have affordable rates. Intellectual Property Magazine (discussed here) rated us as one of the top 200 law firms of any size in the United States. If you evaluate the results of that analysis on a per-attorney basis, the rating places us in the top 15%. You're getting great value, price, and quality.

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How can one find out more?

Go to the website (click here) or call me at our San Jose office. The number is (408) 890-6549. We can schedule a meeting or an initial consultation.

Topics: Chip Technology Patent Lawyer San Jose CA, Chip Technology Patent Lawyer Silicon Valley

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  • November 2017 (Updated July 2019)
Topics: Chip Technology Patent Lawyer San Jose CA, Chip Technology Patent Lawyer Silicon Valley

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