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Why Discuss A Continuation When The Only Thing I See Due Is An Issue Fee?

I get different versions of this question all the time. The short answer is - the timing. A patent application remains pending up until the date that the patent issues. Pendency is important when filing a continuation.

Once we pay the Patent Issue Fee, a US patent will likely issue about one month later, on the closest Tuesday. All US patents issue on Tuesdays. So if the intention is to file a patent continuation, the time to decide is before payment of the patent issue fee. The United States Patent Office (USPTO) recommends that a continuation “should” be filed prior to payment of the issue fee.

As a practical matter, we can delay at least a couple of weeks after payment of the issue fee to get these things in order. It is never a good idea to go to close to a deadline. Hurricanes, utility outages, government shut downs or any other disruptions to businesses occasionally occur. So we begin this discussion of a patent continuation during the time after receiving a notice of allowance, but prior to the payment of the issue fee.

As a balance, until we pay the issue fee, the patent will not issue. So if there is excitement on getting a patent to issue, for example your first patent for a company, then paying the issue fee sooner speeds up the whole process. But that also speeds up the time to make a decision on your continuation application.

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  • Chris Maiorana
  • September 2017 (updated July 2019)
Topics: United States Patent Office, Continuation Patent Application, Priority Date, Patent Law, Patent Issue Fee
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