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I continued working as a Patent Attorney in the Detroit Area.

After Jerome Lemelson took on the Semiconductor industry, a joint defense team was established. Cypress Semiconductor was one of the major players. I only heard some details secondhand, but if I remember right, the basic structure gave more control over the project to companies that contributed more money. Some of the players at Cypress talked with some of the players at another company - LSI Logic, another Silicon Valley semiconductor company located in Milpitas, California.

When the firm started working for LSI, an new in-house Patent Attorney - Sandeep Jaggi, - was just starting to take over as the head of the IP department. Sandeep liked our competitive fee structure. That led to our expansion by adding John Ignatowski to our team. The firm filed a lot of Patent Applications in the electrical arts in the 2000, 2001 and 2002 time frame. Sandeep Jaggi developed a custom billing and docketing system. Sandeep was the inventor of several patents that issued on the project.

Sometime around 2006, Sandeep Jaggi left LSI Logic and moved to a new company - Health Hero Network, founded by Steven Brown, another California inventor. Health Hero Network was later acquired by Bosch. The work at Health Hero Network led to a series of Ex Parte Reexaminations that we handled as part of a pre-litigation strategy. We successfully defended several patents in question in response to a nearly abusive series of Reexams.

LSI Logic later renamed themselves to LSI Corporation. LSI kept their headquaters in Milpitas. At some point in the mid 2000s, LSI merged with Agere. Agere was a decedent of the Bell Labs family. The new company ran until 2014 when it was acquired by Avago. Ironically, one of the patents I worked on with Cypress was used against Avago in a dispute years earlier. Avago was later acquired by Broadcom, yet another Silicon Valley semiconductor company.

I discuss that more of the people I met at LSI on page 4.

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