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A trip down memory lane ...

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During our initial work for LSI Logic, our offices were at the Greater Mack location. This is where I practiced Patent Law in the Greater Detroit area in the early 2000s.

In 2004, we moved the office to the Harper location. The Harper location is managed by a sister company Maiorana Properties, LLC. The ownership interest in the property presented a number of advantages - and some challenges. Aside from the overall pride aspect, the new location offered stability that allowed us to weather the storm created by the financial crash of 2008. I remember the day Lehman brothers went bankrupt. I was looking out the window at the leaves of a big tree thinking - hang on, this could be rough.

2008 was interesting in a personal sense as well. That is the year I began waterskiing more seriously and drove to lakes with a ski course - a pursuit that involves dedication in a blend of mind, body and spirit. As a Patent Attorney, I was always thinking about the sport, which led to Patent No. 8,115,644.

I enjoyed the early days at LSI Logic where I meet a lot of great Engineers, Patent Attorneys and Paralegals. Besides Sandeep Jaggi, the in-house Patent Attornys included the group that made it until 2014 - Tim Croll, Henry Groth, and Peter Scott. Other notable mentions along the way were Leo Peters, Lloyd Stafford, and others. I think Sandeep worked as a consultant for a while, then moved on to Intel.

I still keep in touch with Henry. We enjoy discussing sports. His knowledge of the NBA is exceptional. Tim Croll moved on to a company that was spun off from AMD - Spansion. Spansion was then acquired by Cypress - so the interwoven world of Silicon Valley marches on. On the Cypress front, I was surprised to hear that T.J. Rogers stepped down as CEO. So the lawfirm outlasted TJ - go figure.

I take a step back to the early years on page 5.

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