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A trip down memory lane ...

I was thinking back a bit on the very early days, before working at Barnes Kisselle, and before I was officially a Patent Lawyer in Michigan. I worked for Harness, Dickey and Pierce. They now call themselves Harness Dickey. I mentioned some of the people I met there on page 2

One interesting guy was John Miller. He went on to form the Miller IP Group. John Miller should not be confused with our own Robert Miller, who is also an IP attorney in our group. MaioranaPC has a strong IP Group.

John Miller seems to rank high on searches. Often higher than we do. I thought I'd do a comparison of the volume of work we each do.

When I wrote this blog, Miller had 725 issued patents in his IP group. There is a link to the Miller IP Group of issued patents here. While that is certainly a formidable number, we have over 1,700 issued patents. There is a link to the MaioranaPC issued patents here. So we have experience with roughly 1,000 more issued patents. While numbers are not everything, we also have many other significant achievements.

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  • Chris Maiorana
  • August 2017

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