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A trip down memory lane ...

Over the years, especially the early years, I ran into many attorneys and engineers that had an influence over my professional career. I figured I'd write a few notes on some of the memorable encounters of how I became a Patent Attorney in Michigan.

During my stay at Barnes, Kisselle (a.k.a. Barnes, Kisselle, Raisch, Choate, Whittmore and Hulbert - wow, what a long name!), I worked with Chester Davis, William Francis, Robert Collins, Robert Choate, Randy W. Tung and others.

Francis, Collins and Choate were the authors of a law school case law book on Patent Law , published by West Publishing. Robert Choate retired and the successor book was carried on by Francis and Collins. We studied this book in law school when I took a course in Patent Law with adjunct professor Chet Davis. Due to my success in the course, I was offered an associate position at Barnes Kisselle, where I worked on electrical patent applications with Randy Tung.

Randy had an international client base with his strong connections to Taiwan. Randy moved on to start his own firm - Tung and Associates. It looks like Randy retired. I found an interesting article that mentions how Randy bought a house in Los Gatos in Silicon Valley that was designed and built by Steve Wozniak. That is an impressive house! I've had more recent clients mention that they called me from their cell phones sitting in front of that very house. Wow!
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